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Knowing More about Yaki Hair

What is yaki hair? Yaki refers to the feeling of the hair when one touches it. This shows that its feeling is smooth and suits those who like the natural brand of hair.

hair wigDifference Between Remy and Yaki Hair

Remy is usually used when referring to the quality of hair. Remy is usually a high-quality brand of hair. Yaki hair is the feeling of the hair. This further explains that yaki hair can be termed Remy or not-Remy since Remy is used when referring to the quality used when making this wigs.


Caring for Yaki Hair

The quality of the hair does not guarantee that your hair will last longer. This brings us to the way of caring for yaki hair.

• Avoid regular washing. You should ensure that you apply little hair products to your hair, this will save you from the regular washing of your hair. Regular washing leads to drying of your hair.

• Avoid the use of shampoo. Shampoo removes the protective layer of hair. Therefore, you should use a conditioner when washing your hair. This prevents your hair from drying.

• Use low heat when drying. High heat drying methods tend to temper with your hair. If you prefer this method to dry your hair, then apply heat protection spray. Also, use minimum heat as possible.

• Use products meant for processed human hair. These products will prevent your hair from also saves you regular washing.

• Use care instructions. This ensures that your hair lasts longer and brings out the natural taste in your hair.

• Prepare a schedule to ensure your hair is moisturized. This ensures your hair is always hydrated therefore brings the real beauty in your hair.


Does Yaki Hair Curl when Wet

Yaki hair does not curl when wet. Making it wet lead it to become frizzy but does not make it form natural curls.


Types of Yaki Hair

There are four types of yaki hair namely:

• Silky yaki

• Regular yaki

• Kinky yaki

• Kinky curl


Importance of Yaki Hair

It gives natural appearance and texture. Yaki hair brings about the natural look and also a natural feeling that will look gorgeous on you. It is shiny and very soft. Synthetic hair does not bring about the soft feeling as the yaki hair.

This hair brings about the shiny appearance that synthetic hair does not. They are flexible for any style you love. Yaki hair can be weaved to any style that one feels that its suit them. They are long lasting. Since yaki hair is usually unprocessed hair they, therefore, last longer than the synthetic hair.



The type of yaki hair you prefer varies from one person to another this is because each person has a style that suits them perfectly. To chive a spectacular look you must know the type of yaki hair that looks good on you.

Though yaki hair is expensive, they last longer than synthetic hair. Furthermore, they bring a natural look on the person’s hair, unlike synthetic hair. To archive, a spectacular look use high-quality hair as this brings about a gorgeous look on you .also ensure you choose a style that suits the shape of your face.

protective hair

Top-Rated Protective Hair Styles

Women have different styles of protecting their hair. They should learn how to wear this hair to minimize damage or rehydrate it. Protective hairstyles range from hair extensions to scarf styles. Ladies should choose the right styles that can change up other hair and keep it healthy.

The natural hair should be moisturised to give it a shiny look. Wearing protective hairstyles is the best way of protecting your natural hairs. It should be protected from adverse weather elements such as precipitation. Outlined here below are the top-rated protective hairstyles that every lady need to consider.

Marley Twists

These twists are fin and super lightweight. It is one of the greatest styles that you can have throughout the year. Marley twists are well designed to make sure that your hair is well kept and healthy. Ladies who have this hairstyle can also play with other styles.

Head Wraps

head wraps

Wraps are inexpensive and super stylish. Ladies can pick up their favourite materials with fun patterns and colours to match their style. Air conditioning treatment is another great way of protecting your hair and rocking this style. Ladies can put head wraps on their heads and still complete their daily tasks. It is considered to be one of the best protective hairstyles.

Box Braids

People wear braids to make sure that their hair is protected throughout the year. Braids are perfect for any season. Their appearance can be enhanced by washing them regularly. You can also add colour to the braids to them more beautiful. Switching up is also recommended.

Frontal Wigs

With this style, ladies can protect their hair without pulling it now and then. Frontal wigs come with different texture, length, and colours. Ladies can switch up their wigs and change their styles whenever they feel doing so. In addition to this, wigs can be taken off to give the scalp some fresh air.

Crochet Braids

crochet braids

Wearing the crochet braids is an excellent way of keeping a natural look and protecting your hair at the same time. This is a style that comes in the form of a braid and  cute afro. It is one of the softest hairs that people can sleep on. Additionally, it is a wonderful style for winter.


Full Sew-Ins

You can slay every day and make sure that your hair is protected by wearing the full sew-ins. This style can last or three months if it is correctly done. It can be locked in either short or long styles.