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Lifeproof 02

The iphone 6 Lifeproof Case

The Design:

Iphone 6 Lifeproof case has been designed with the best quality with the aim of protecting your device. We build the best cases through our highly experienced engineers who take their time in crafting and planning for the best standard of design.

Unfortunately, manufacturers are secretive about their new design preventing others who may want to replicate the design.

Lifeproof 01Specifications:

Every case has been successfully tested to exceed its specifications. It is designed to be sleek as the device in order to enhance all features of your device, protects it and keeps you always connected. The following specifications will make you agree that it’s worth it.

The Water Test:

Before any sale is made to our customers, there is water testing of every case manufactured. Then, they are sent to independent agents for more testing, not forgetting another test by selected units. Only the cases that can pass the water tests are available in the market, and those that fail are immediately scrapped.
810G-516.6 Military Standard:Lifeproof 03

This is a US military standard that seeks to address the drop function. The standards require that the device that is tested can functionally and physically withstand the service environment, transportation, non-repetitive shocks in handling and infrequent. It means that the case that passes the test can be dropped with the device, and it survives. It’s able to handle the drop, vibration, bruises and bumps always encountered.


This is an international standard for dust and water ingress protection. Since 6 is the solid particles rating and 8 for liquids. Items that have successfully passed the IP-68 tests are able to withstand water immersion for 2 meters in an hour and talcum powder for 8 hours. This means that you can drop your device in water or dirt as your safety is guaranteed.


The case gives you every freedom to capture, celebrate, connect and share your inspiration, passion and adventures.


As everyone would like to use your device especially the kids, the case lets you do it without worry as your devices safety is guaranteed. From learning to gaming, crafting to cooking, music to movies all is protected.

Lifeproof 02Mishaps:

At times accidents do happen, fumbles, dunks, drop, splashes and spills are some of them. Our proofs are manufactured for the best protection of your device out of the mishaps, misadventures, and missteps.

Dirty Jobs:

Your device is protected when one is doing any job. No need to worry about dirt anymore.

Road Warriors:

Mobile technology has advanced with maps, GPS, dash cams and apps for gas stations, eating places, slowdown. Life proof protects your device and keeps you always connected and also during sport or the gym.
Iphone 6 proof case is the best for the protection of your device as its guarantees you against every aspect of an attack on your device ranging from water, dirt, shock and drop among others. Buy one and witness the amazing life proof.

Model Train 03

The Great Hobby of Model Trains

Of the early Model trains made mostly for the toy market, a lot of were powered by clockwork. Real control of the model trains was only possible by methods of levers on the locomotive itself, which enabled the operator to make the train stop, to go, and, in lots of models, to reverse.

Although this made control of your model railroading rather crude, the designs were adequately large and robust enough that grabbing the controls on the locomotive as they ran around the track, was fairly practical. Some accessory producers likewise established unique tracks fitted with slowing and stopping gadgets that set off levers on the locomotive, therefore, automating these aspects of control.

Model Train 01The early electrically operated model trains used a three-rail system with the wheels resting on metal tracks with metal sleepers that supplied power and a different middle rail. This middle rail offered the power for the train through a skid under the locomotive. This kind of model train control was only possible since most of the products made use of in making the model trains were metal at that time as the plastics used in some present day manufacture were still several years away. This all-metal manufacture suggested that the tracks and locomotive easily conducted electricity.

When makers started to develop more precise in-depth model trains, accuracy in all the associated accessories became more crucial as an enhancing number of makers attempted to acquire a share of the rapidly growing market of model train enthusiasts.

As an outcome of this, some model train systems adopted a two-rail power. The wheels were separated from each other, and the two rails carried the positive and negative supply or the two sides of the power supply. Other model train systems used a row of small metal studs to replace the central rail, permitting existing three-rail models to utilize tracks that appeared like the more practical two-rail systems which were entering prevalent use.

Today the most common control method uses DC [Direct current] power with the positive and negative charges on the two rails. Some model systems nevertheless use AC power on the three-rail system.

The very earliest Electric model trains ran on battery power as few homes were wired for electrical power in the late Model Train 0319th or early 20th Century. It is interesting that low-cost model train sets running on battery power are becoming more common again. But most model train operators relate to these as toys and real enthusiasts rarely use them. These battery powered model trains can make an important contribution however to this pastime. They can introduce young children to the joys and pleasures of being a model train operator. Many of the older model train lovers today recall that their very first experiences with model trains were with toy trains given to them as presents that ended up being the delightful beginnings of a lifetime hobby.

Lots of garden train and larger scale design train systems still use battery power today. This is required because of the problem in obtaining a dependable power supply through the rails situated outdoors where safe circuitry and insulation can be a problem. The high level of power consumption and the subsequent high current drawn by large scale garden model trains is, therefore, more quickly and more securely satisfied by using lead acid batteries, like those used in contemporary cars.

Gadgets 03

Gadgets and Gizmo’s For Your Home and Work

Science and innovation have been growing a lot these days. A lot of brand-new gizmos are being designed daily. The current trends in innovation seem to be impacting our lives in all fields right from the home to our place of work, in the medical world and so on.

Other than making things much easier for us to go about our businesses, it has enhanced the quality of the medical services that are being rendered to us. The brand-new developments in innovation provide better methods of communication and entertainment.

Gadgets 04With the development of the internet, which in itself is a wonderful new development, you can have any details that you need relating to any brand-new device at the click of a mouse. There are so many websites, forums and blogs that give you unlimited details of all the numerous brand-new ingenious hi-tech gizmos that are being introduced into the marketplace every day. You will be amazed at the number of products that there are.

The new devices are real wonders, but the majority of them are so highly priced that many are unable to enjoy them. Here once more you have the advantage of the web to look for the same gadget from different companies, compare rates and purchase one that could fit your pocket.

Hi-tech devices are not limited to smart phones, iPods, digital video cameras and so forth. You have numerous devices that can be used for different purposes like kitchen area devices that make cooking enjoyment. Clinical Gadgets 03gizmos that make things easier for the physicians to detect illness much faster and surgical treatments much easier. Gadgets that supply sources of entertainment like the play stations and Xbox, the wide range of video game computers, laptops, palmtops etc.

As you can well picture the brand-new tech gizmos are the outcome of a mix of the current trends in innovation, developments and creativity. These devices allure and lure men, women and kids alike. The dawn of contemporary technological devices is playing such an essential function in our lives today, making our living environment much safer and more convenient.

With technological advances moving at the speed, it is today even the typical man or consumer recognizes the need to track it. Otherwise, he gets left behind.