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How to Get the Best Hair Extensions

Getting the best hair extensions might not be the easiest thing to do related to today’s current beauty trends. Just like naturally-grown hair, hair extensions also speak a lot about your personality, your style preferences, and even your financial status. With it containing a lot of aspects about yourself and life, picking random products can only bring disadvantages. This article offers information about tips on getting the best extensions for your hair. If you are currently dealing with despair after accidentally cutting your hair too short or like try new hairstyle without having to change your original hairstyle permanently, this article is for you.

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Remy Human Hair

There are several types of extensions that you can choose, including synthetic, non-Remy, and Remy. If you care about quality more than its temporary look, it is advisable that you go for Remy human hair. It is the highest-quality extensions, and it will affect its durability and how long it will look natural on your hair. The other two types, on the other hand, will also look good during the first days. However, the shafts will soon tangle and shed. Make sure to buy from reliable sellers to avoid buying low-quality products.

Hair Texture

Just like the types of hair extensions, there are several types of hair textures that you can choose depending on your original hair. These include Chinese, European, and Indian. The Chinese type, for example, is suitable for medium-density hair while European is an excellent match for thicker hair with bigger shafts. Choosing the right texture is also the key to natural-looking final results that do not even look like an extension at all.


The next tip for you is to pick the ones that have matching colors with your natural hair. It is also another secret to natural-looking hair since people will not see the difference unless they come quite close to observe. If you have dyed your hair and cannot find the perfect match for the color, you can also try dying the extensions so that it matches yours seamlessly. Most products come in several color options, including dual-blended, tri-blended, and bright colors. Reputable stores and beauty salons usually offer more options, and it is advisable to buy from these places. In addition to it, if you cannot make up your mind about which color to pick, asking for professional opinions is what you can do.