Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

Are you looking to make a switch from smoking to vaping? Well, be ready to hear countless of things about vaping from everyone, both good things and bad things. You might even end up having some ideas about vaping that are preconceived. Because we don’t want you to get confused, here are reasons why vaping is better than smoking traditional cigarettes.

Fantastic Smell

vapeWe all try to smell great every day. That is why we usually hope in the shower every day and use soaps that smell good. However, once we light a cigarette, the good smell that we had is destroyed. This is why most smokers are usually worried that they might be smelling cigarettes when they are next to people who don’t smoke. This is a huge burden of anxiety that smokers should not have to deal with.


Although some of the vaping mods may seem ridiculously priced to you at first, vaping is cheaper in the long run. This is because these vaping devices will be very helpful in helping you to avoid becoming a slave to cigarette smoking all your life. By switching to vaping, you will be slowly stepping down your nicotine levels. This will make it easier for you to quit smoking completely if you would like to. Your health insurance will be cheaper since you will be less of a risk.

No More Stigmatization

vapeThe society is never kind to cigarette smokers. However, when it comes to the vaping community, things are different, in a good way. Vapers are one of the most inclusive groups you are ever going to be a member of. This is because people who vape always have a desire to help one another quit smoking. Vapers even have their own organizations to fight for the right to vape. They are also very accommodative to people who are new to vaping.

Fewer Ingredients

Vaping usually contains 4 ingredients only as compared to cigarettes that contain over 3000 chemicals. Vaping is therefore much safer as compared to cigarettes. You will have an easy time quitting vaping as compared to if you were smoking real cigarettes. If you are considering to start vaping, you should go ahead. This is because it is a safe alternative to smoking.