water proof

The iphone 6 Lifeproof Case

The Design:

Iphone 6 Lifeproof case has been designed with the best quality with the aim of protecting your device. We build the best cases through our highly experienced engineers who take their time in crafting and planning for the best standard of design.

Unfortunately, manufacturers are secretive about their new design preventing others who may want to replicate the design.

Lifeproof Specifications:

Every case has been successfully tested to exceed its specifications. It is designed to be sleek as the device in order to enhance all features of your device, protects it and keeps you always connected. The following specifications will make you agree that it’s worth it.

The Water Test:

Before any sale is made to our customers, there is water testing of every case manufactured. Then, they are sent to independent agents for more testing, not forgetting another test by selected units. Only the cases that can pass the water tests are available in the market, and those that fail are immediately scrapped.
810G-516.6 Military Standard:phone

This is a US military standard that seeks to address the drop function. The standards require that the device that is tested can functionally and physically withstand the service environment, transportation, non-repetitive shocks in handling and infrequent. It means that the case that passes the test can be dropped with the device, and it survives. It’s able to handle the drop, vibration, bruises and bumps always encountered.


This is an international standard for dust and water ingress protection. Since 6 is the solid particles rating and 8 for liquids. Items that have successfully passed the IP-68 tests are able to withstand water immersion for 2 meters in an hour and talcum powder for 8 hours. This means that you can drop your device in water or dirt as your safety is guaranteed.


The case gives you every freedom to capture, celebrate, connect and share your inspiration, passion and adventures.


As everyone would like to use your device especially the kids, the case lets you do it without worry as your devices safety is guaranteed. From learning to gaming, crafting to cooking, music to movies all is protected.

Lifeproof 02Mishaps:

At times accidents do happen, fumbles, dunks, drop, splashes and spills are some of them. Our proofs are manufactured for the best protection of your device out of the mishaps, misadventures, and missteps.

Dirty Jobs:

Your device is protected when one is doing any job. No need to worry about dirt anymore.

Road Warriors:

Mobile technology has advanced with maps, GPS, dash cams and apps for gas stations, eating places, slowdown. Life proof protects your device and keeps you always connected and also during sport or the gym.
Iphone 6 proof case is the best for the protection of your device as its guarantees you against every aspect of an attack on your device ranging from water, dirt, shock and drop among others. Buy one and witness the amazing life proof.