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What You Need To Know About the Instant Pot Trivet

It’s safe to say that not many individuals know how to use the Instant Pot trivet properly. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t be a worry since this article will cover the necessary details. As soon as you get your Instant Pot, you’re going to identify several extra items among the being the trivet. This tool’s function is to separate the ingredients from water in the pot but still expose them to the steam and heat.

What is A Trivet?

instant pot trivetInstant Pot racks or trivets are tools that utilize a pressure cooker with ease. This item offers you the ability to make the most out of your Instant Pot. The trivets often feature as extra parts to the pressure cooker. Nonetheless, some enterprises market the trivet as usable with any Instant Pot.

The primary function of a rack is to elevate your food off the all-time low by half an inch or more. In case you’re utilizing a steamer basket, you want to keep the trivet high enough to lift the basket from the bottom of the cooker. Trivets aren’t continually needed since some racks and baskets can do the job. Nonetheless, you can still use the device as a food shelf.

How To Use the Instant Pot Trivet

i. Preparing Eggs

There are various methods one can use to boil eggs using the Instant Pot. For instance, placing the eggs directly in the water and hoping all goes well. However, this method is likely to result in the eggs coming out cracked. Use the trivet to keep the eggs slightly raised above the water and reduce any movements to prevent them from bumping each other.

ii. Steaming Vegetables

If you want to prepare delicate vegetables such as broccoli and asparagus, steaming should be your method. Placing your veggies on the trivet for steaming guarantees that you get maximum nutrients and great texture when eating.

iii. Double Stacking

If you want to prepare two meals simultaneously, using the trivet should come in handy again. You can prepare meals like meat at the bottom and still cook rice on the rack on top. All you need to do is set the timers and relax as your meal cooks.

iv. Cooking Meat

When you are preparing large pieces of meat, the Instant Pot comes in very handy. The cooker gets the work done in half the duration it will typically take. This method is also helpful if you want to prepare the stew separately. Also, once cooked, the trivet makes it easy to take out the meat for further preparations.