4 Things to Look for when Choosing a Printing and Stationery Company

When you are looking for a printing and stationery company, you have to evaluate different firms to get the best. With thousands of companies in the market, you need to apply due diligence to choose one that will help meet your printing and stationery needs. During the selection process, here are some of the areas you should concentrate on.

Things to consider

Capabilitiescopy machine

Printing companies differ greatly in their capabilities. To understand the capability of your potential company, it is good to consult with their representatives, so that you can determine if they can meet your needs. You should inform them of the quantity of the material you need, schedule, the level of sophistication and complexity and the different services that you require. A reputable firm will inform you if they have the ability to cater for all your needs without causing inconveniences.

High-quality printing and stationery

Having a well-designed website is not a guarantee that a company will offer high-quality printing and stationery. It is good to evaluate by yourself. The best way to do this is to ask for samples to find out if the quality of their work meets your needs. In case your business has stringent or specific print requirements, ask to see a sample done with such requirements. It is also advisable to check out if the company has won any award as a result of their quality work in the recent days.


The printing and stationery industry has changed a lot in the modernstationery times. Some companies have closed their doors while others have been acquired by others. It is crucial to look for a company that has been in the industry for a good period. This shows you about their experience and their stability financially. You should also look at how the company is evolving and keeping up with the current technologies in the industry. A printing company that keeps up with the new technology and equipment is what you need to hire.

Level of customer service

You need to look for a printing and stationery company that has a good reputation in putting the needs of its customers first. You can determine this by how quickly they respond to your inquiries, courtesy of the staff and how consultative they are in their approach. You can also determine this by asking other people about the kind of experience they had working with the different companies.