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Reasons why e- cigarettes are better

As the world is advancing and there are evolutions in every aspect of life. Cigarette smokers have also not been left behind. In this century, companies have introduced a new way to enjoy smoking without affecting people or the environment around you. Electronic cigarette. This technology has been around for less than a decade, but it’s making huge strides. This device which is aimed at offering smokers with a better choice of smoking than conventional methods is able even to help stop the addiction. Electronic cigarettes, however, has not been fully embraced by most smokers due to their unavailability, lack of great advice or knowledge. Most smokers do not understand the benefits of electronic cigarettes over the regular cigarette. For those who are ready to embrace this new technology listed here are the advantages of smoking electronic cigarettes over the usual.



Cigarettes have been known to cause a range of diseases including cancer. Electronic cigarettes, however, provides a healthier alternative. Electronic cigarettes do not contain any of the harmful chemicals found in normal cigarettes. This includes tar which causes the yellowing of the teeth and over 70 known chemicals that can cause cancer. E-cigs do not emit any toxic substances, and they even don’t produce smoke, which makes them legal and healthy to enjoy in public places without affecting people around you.


The cost of electronic cigarettes is relatively cheaper than normal cigarettes. One packet cigarettes cost more than twice that of a single cartridge of electronic cigarette. Depending on the consumption of someone, money spent on cigarettes differs from one person to another. However, the cumulative cost of smoking electric cigarettes is way lower than the conventional cigarettes.

No smell

E-cigsThe smell of tobacco is known to be a bit irritant to non-smokers. For this reason, cigarettes have been seen as an antisocial commodity that cannot be enjoyed in social grounds. Also, it is worth noting that the smell of cigarettes usually sticks to the smoker for a while. This makes the smoker uncomfortable around nonsmokers. In this regard, the electric cigarettes are preferred because they do not exude the irritating smell and therefore the smoker can enjoy the effects without inconveniencing others.

Variety of Flavors

Vanilla, lemon, strawberries, and coffee are among the common enshrined in electric cigarettes. This variation of flavors heightens the experience due to the exciting tastes. The monotony of flavors in the conventional cigarettes deprives it of the much-needed excitement.