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Touring Cambodia – What To Do

Cambodia is a country in South East Asia that has a rich culture and history. Even though it has had a troubled past, those who visit the country can now see how it has overcome the oppression of the Khmer rough and are now looking to the future.

Cambodia temple The country has so much to offer tourists who visit it during the year. From great beaches to beautiful temples set in wonderful nature a visitor to Cambodia will have a new experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. It is not expensive to travel withing the country, and you will find that the cost of food, transport and the best hostel is not expensive. Many people can have an enjoyable vacation of up to 2 weeks on $1,000. However, this mostly depends on your accommodation and entertainment habits.

There are a few attractions that must be seen when visiting this beautiful country. These include the

1. Angkor Wat ( Wat means Temple)
2. The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh
3. The Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh
4. The Independence MonumentCambodia beach
5. The Kep National Park and many more.

The most popular destinations withing the country include the following areas.

1. Seam Reap – for Temples and Buddhism, related attractions
2. Sihanoukville Province – This area is popular for Beaches, Nightlife, Diving, Casinos and is popular with backpackers.
3. Tonle Sap – This area is popular for its lakes, nature and fishing and is often visited by those who like to be close to greenery and nature.

There are many more places to go in Cambodia, and you can find great places of interest if you do an online search. If you are planning on visiting this South East Asian Kingdom, you must make a few plans ahead of time. These would be buying your air tickets, making sure your passport is valid and has the sufficient pages and duration on it. Also qbook your accommodation early so that you can avoid disappointment and high prices.

Many Western country passports are allowed 30 days on arrival so you would probably not need a visa to visit the country. However, you will need to show an onward or return air ticket. If you are planning on visiting any border countries ensure you have the requirements for that country sorted out beforehand.

Cambodia is a developing country and has a wide range of experience to offer any person who wants to experience the rich history and culture is has to offer.