Selecting a perfect wedding venue

Everyone desires to have that colorful five-star wedding. A lot of things come into play when organizing a wedding, from setting aside the budget to ensuring everything is in place for the main event. The number of let downs in your event can be determined by how prepared your wedding committee is. Different people have different expectations when it comes to weddings. Some people prefer private-invites affair while others prefer a general all public affair. The private ones are mostly conducted in undisclosed locations which commonly don’t accommodate large gatherings while the public ones are held mostly in open locations.


Picking up a location for your wedding can be a strenuous affair due to budget constraints or other factors. Some venues may be cheaply available when others charge relatively higher prices with both catering services included. You can look at a venue by area for the best available venues for your event. With so many people getting married almost every weekend, your area may run short of venues to host your marriage ceremony. There are a number of things one should consider before selecting a perfect venue for his or her ceremony. Here are some of them.



Make sure the venue is friendly to your budget. There may be many sites to pick for your wedding some of which mayvenue be expensive because of the kind of environment, space or the services offered. Not all of them will match your budget so you should be contented with what matches your account not what pleases the eye. Do not fall for the pressure of pleasing your mate(s), however, find a comfortable place for them that is within your financial plan. Also be able to account for every person that will attend.


Number of guests

Create a guest list for everyone who is going to attend your marriage ceremony. It will help you plan your budget and also know the right size of venue for the attendees. Nobody wants to see one of their guests sitting on the grass or standing throughout the event because the venue was too small with fewer seats. Having a guest list will help you plan on the amount of food and drinks your guests are going to consume. The number of attendees should be the most considered thing when planning a venue

Access and accommodation

coupleEnsure there is easy access to the venue for both motorists and pedestrians. Check the condition of roads around the place to ensure all is well. Make sure there is proper accommodation for those traveling from far areas to your wedding. Are there any hotels they can book for the night? Do they have a secure parking zone? Do not forget to consider the kind of hospitality services offered by the specific hotels.